Arcadia Lodge Park

Arcadia n. (1) a place of rustic innocence and simple quiet pleasure.

Arcadia n. (2) An image or idea that life in the country is perfection – your Shangri-la or Xanadu. (3) A utopian harmonic idyllic picture-perfect nature inspired environment – perfect for a holiday home destination in majestic landscapes that offer serenity and an ideal location for downtime relaxation, discovery and adventure. (4) A place where nature restores our soul and wellbeing.  

Arcadia Lodge Park at Maes Mynan Park

There is a great magic about Maes Mynan Park that just hypnotises us. So much so, we have decided to name our lodge park , ‘Arcadia Lodge Park’, after its 1873 accolade ‘Arcadia of Wales’.

We couldn’t think of a more apt name for this beautiful place, which makes it the prefect location for those seeking a holiday home in the country. Maes Mynan Park is a true testament to the wonders of North Wales with all its mystical charm and we mustn’t forget ‘Mynan The Giant’ still slumbers here!

Stunning magical views from lodge plots Maes Mynan Holiday Park

Turning an old sand and gravel quarry into parkland has been no mean feat. But by working with nature, the land and the weather, we are changing rough scrubland into something spectacular that highlights the Arcadian beauty of this special place, which was described by Thomas Pennant in his Tour in Wales 1781 (page 24) as;

“The vale is narrow, fertile, diversified with groves, and watered by the crystal Wheeler. The part about Maes mynan is singularly fine, consisting of detached hills, cloathed with timber; a charming extent of meadows; and the lofty mountain Moel y Parc, skirted with trees, contrasting itself to the softer part of the scenery…. This place has been called Llys Maes Mynan, or the palace of Maes Mynan, where Llewelyn ap Gruffydd, last prince of Wales, resided in a house, whose foundations, till within these few years, were to be seen in an adjacent meadows.”

Thomas Pennant
Views from plot 7 on Arcadia Lodge Park at Maes Mynan Park
Autumnal views from plot 7 Arcadia Lodge Park at Maes Mynan Park

A lot of hard work, time and effort is breathing a new lease of life into land that had become very poor after being quarried.  Areas of natural habitat (in addition to two designated conservation areas) are being retained, enhanced and introduced, to support the biodiverse habitats around the parkland. The three lakes that have formed in the gravel pits of the quarry offer a great addition to the land that was also once known as Cae Brik (brick field).  

Buzzards, rabbits, foxes (the deepest russet colours I have ever seen), badgers, polecats, swans, Canadian geese, ducks, moorhens, partridge, frogs and toads are everywhere. Even a lizard or two have been found basking in the sunshine on the new stone walls that grace the entrance to the Arcadia Lodge Park at Maes Mynan.

Evening Primrose, poppies, and an array of other wildflowers are thriving and even though we are now in the midst of autumn, where colours tumble down the hillside to the Chwiller Valley bottom, brambles still hold their fruits for the birds and insects – a true testament to the wonders of this rustic countryside retreat.

Past generations of farmers once described Maes Mynan Lodge Park as ‘Little Switzerland’ because of the magical and majestic views offered over the Chwiller valley towards Moel Y Parc (once a Royal deer park) and its wooded slopes.

nature inspired holiday park

Our aim is to return the title ‘Arcadia of Wales’ to the land that boasts the most spectacular unspoilt natural views of rural Flintshire countryside overlooking the Denbigh Moors. That is why we have named our luxury lodge development the Arcadia Lodge Park – because it reflects the idyllic picture perfect utopia we believe this special magical place enshrines.

Maes Mynan Park is steeped in history. As we travel back in time to rediscover the legends associated with the land, we will share the stories we uncover to acknowledge this magnificent place, which we love so much.

I hope my picture of words inspires you to come over and see for yourself this slice of hidden paradise, a special place that is perfect for making wonderful holiday memories. Our Arcadia Lodge Park at Maes Mynan Park is truly spectacular. So many who visit us are in awe of its beauty and spellbound by its scerenity – some are even speechless!

Louise Barlow